Tuesday, 19 May 2020

RMO: day 63 CMCO: day 16

Gosh! It has been a very very very hot day! My laptop was really hot and the weather was extremely burning! I am so thankful to have air-con at home. I know I'm pampered but mind you, I only switched on my AC when it is truly burning! If I can tahan with the fan, then I'll stick to it until when I can't stand it anymore then only switched on the AC. Must save and conserve whenever possible.

Anyway, remember my previous post about my first Shopee experience? You can read it here:

Well, hubby actually ordered Minnie's treats way earlier i.e. early April. It was during the initial RMO/MCO so we couldn't go out more than 10KM and our housing area doesn't have a pet shop selling dog food and treats. We have ran low of supply and noticed that neighbours have been receiving their parcels daily so hubby decided to purchase online via Shopee. He has ordered through https://shopee.com.my/pettopetto and the delivery date provided was 2 or 3 weeks later, I can't recall. I was aghast though as we needed it fast and the date provided was later than anticipated. Hubby reasoned it's probably due to the lockdown plus it's not considered as essential items so we waited patiently. When they had delayed it yet again, hubby messaged them. There was no response nor reason given. In the end, hubby gave up and thought his order has gone cold turkey. Suddenly, there was movement last week and happy that it was packed and posted! After what happened with my order last week, I didn't have high hopes for this order lah. Lo and behold, it has finally arrived safely today after waiting for more than 1 month!!!
Arrived safely and nicely packed
This was delivered via J&T Express, so much difference as compared to Poslaju. I would like to think that if my earlier order was delivered by J&T, it would have arrived as nice as this and no complaints from me except for the huge delay.

Also I noticed that most of the deliveries to my neighbours are via LEL Express which was managed by Lazada. So it got me thinking that we should have bought via Lazada instead of Shopee. The reliability is of utmost important to me be it the shop or the delivery partner.

Honestly, if the shops or Shopee couldn't fulfil the orders as usual then they should highlight it upfront on their respective banners! It is so misleading with the many adverts and free delivery hokay! Also please provide an answer as the silent treatment was totally uncalled for. This lockdown was your opportunity to shine but the opposite has happened instead. Many first timers like me would definitely turned away from this unsavoury experience. Leaning on the reviews alone is definitely out of the question now. 

I definitely have learned a lot being a customer alone and I have diligently updated my own website. This is a MUST if you asked me. I may not received much reviews for my online shop but at least I have done an ethical job and served my customers right. No regrets here!

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