Wednesday, 13 May 2020

RMO: day 57 CMCO: day 10

Feeling melancholy again today. Not sure what to make of it. Just trying to think positive and trying to be happy about it. Work is slowly encroaching into my personal space as such I'm slowly disliking working from home. I draw a very clear line as I didn't want to be mentally stressed unnecessary. I used to be in that situation when I work for a multi-national company and I had bouts of eczema plus stress related sickness. Aside from being bullied by my ex-boss, I left due to my mental and health issues. And now, it has slowly returned and haunt me. That 'sick' feeling is back. I'm unsure how to go about it in this pandemic time. Being an introvert, I love working from home initially when work is work, home time is home time. However, as office is still close as company doesn't want to bear the medical cost in case we got infected with Covid-19 during our travel to/fro work, we still continue to work from home but due to the economic paranoid and more than 2 months MCO, the line is slowly blurring. I am thankful I still have a paying job and I understand we need more business coming in to survive the economy but the blurring line and all is making me 'sick'. I know some may say I've been pampered too much and all but this is my current state of mind. How now, brown cow? 

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