Wednesday, 6 May 2020

RMO: Day 50 CMCO: Day 3

Wow! We have reached the big 50! Still the same old routine with work in the morning and some reading or crafting at night. Nothing has changed much but I've missed my second Bakawali blooming last night. Only able to see the tail end of it this morning!
Such a lovely and exquisite bloom! Wished that it could have last a little longer though. I've seen the first bud bloom at midnight few months back and I've thoroughly enjoyed it amidst the mossie bites and all. I've always enjoyed seeing all the flowers in my garden blooming as it's a spark joy experience indeed!

Also, we had our first 'tapau' food for lunch today! Our first takeaway on day 50 mind you. Mine was dried curry noodle but it felt off a little, maybe due to it's oiliness and saltiness. I didn't quite enjoyed it as much as I've enjoyed previously, incomparable to home-cooked meals for sure. Oh well, I'll have to endure the same once I've started going back to office so better to think less of it and enjoy life at home much more lah for now!

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