Tuesday, 5 May 2020

RMO: Day 49 CMCO: Day 2

I have been diligently noting down my thoughts here for 49 days thus far! Except for weekends and public holidays lah! I was hoping to realise what it is like to work from home and also the experience of being cooped up at home every single day, jotting down the nitty gritty of it since this is the new normal. Unfortunately, nothing much happens except for my crafty weekends which you can view through my Instagram LOL! Oh well, I'll still continue to post it until my work from home routine ends lah........ most likely next week. Just for the fun of it :-)

Anyway, aside from work, nothing much happened today. Hubby went for grocery shopping, son has classes online, daughter playing with Minnie and MIL watched her daily musicals and news on TV. Same old, same old in the new normal era.

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