Thursday, 23 April 2020

World Book Day!

So World Book Day falls on 23rd this month and not forgetting that Kuala Lumpur has been named by UNESCO as World Book Capital 2020!!! Please encourage your family, loved ones and friends to read, read, read! Just pick up a book and read, no harm done........ only adding more vocabs, knowledge or fantasy into your brain!

Just so you know, I've read 10 books in the first quarter of 2020!
Definitely hope I can achieve my goal of 30 books this year! I have been setting them at 35 for the past 2 years but somehow I can never achieved it! Always short of a few due to reading slump........ what a bummer.

If you like to dress up your e-reader when reading then you can check out Nyc Nat Nook's booksleeve! Current size available is 4" x 6" which fits any standard size e-readers:

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