Monday, 20 April 2020

RMO: Day 34

Time definitely flew by when I was enjoying myself max over the weekend. And then, Monday has arrived. Le sigh!

If you have seen my Instagram over the weekend, then you would know I have been busy with sewing (aside from Harry Potter Wizards Unite Community Day, Pokemon Go Incense Day and finished my book)! Finally dug out some long overdue projects and started with covers for dining chairs. As there are 6 chairs to complete so will have to continue it this coming weekend since I have to work from home during the weekdays.

Honestly, crafting of any kind is therapeutic. Sewing, crocheting and cross-stitching are my go to crafts. Not forgetting gardening, the bliss of potting, digging the soil with my hands, watching it grow and buds blooming are just wicked! I also love to read and getting lost in the story itself, imagining I'm a part of the story and join in the adventure is so awesome!

I have many hobbies as such I am never bored being home. In fact, my home is my sanctuary and I love being home. I am 100% introverted like that! With so many therapeutic and relaxing hobbies at every corner of the house, how can I ever be bored or restless? LOL!

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