Monday, 13 April 2020

RMO: Day 27

A splendid weekend of love, doing what I love, enjoying what I love, love it all! Just can't believe that time passed so damn bloody fast during the weekend, ALWAYS! Where as time ticking by slowly during the weekday, no matter how busy, ALWAYS! #firstworldpain

GoGet. Lalamove. Grabfood. Foodpanda.

All thanks to the current RMO/MCO, I'm more aware of the many delivery services available aside from Poslaju! The above are the ones I'm aware of now though. I only shop for essentials online whenever I can't get it from our poorly stocked supermarket. I'm sure there are many online platforms for shopaholics to shop till they drop! Thankfully, I do not have such desire whatsoever. In fact, it is a good time to save more money. I can't vouch for shopaholics as I know some do treat it as a past time. I know it's not easy being home 24 x 7 but then again, it's all about self discipline and managing time wisely. Times have truly changed as opposed to way back then. I'm still old school where I must touch and feel the item before buying it. I'm not a 'keyboard warrior' when it comes to online shopping LOL! Anyway, I do feel that saving money is of the utmost importance now.

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