Thursday, 9 April 2020

RMO: Day 23

This is such a coincidence! I just had this conversation with mom where she insisted that we should take the opportunity to earn more money by selling online via drop-shipping. Apparently a cousin is doing this and his business is flourishing so well so mom said we could learn and earn that extra money. I was not in agreement and she wasn't happy.

And then a friend shared an article by Alaa Hijazi on her Facebook with regards to 'motivational' pressure and I couldn't agree more! Although the content is more about 'If you don't come out of this with a new skill, you never lacked time, you lacked discipline', it sure sounds a lot like 'opportunist' to me. Hence my mom's scenario.

For one, I am working from home so I don't think I want to crowd my time with this extra job which in turn will be a hassle and extra stress for me.
Two, in this current sad time of a pandemic, we all do what we can and within our own means. As my cousin is a Grab driver and his income is affected, I am happy that he has found this job to support his family. I wouldn't want to 'steal' another person's rice bowl so to speak. There are many who really needs a job now.
Three, earning an extra income is good but in expense of my health. This is the time where we should take care of our overall health including mental health. As it is, the pandemic we are in does not have a vaccine yet. Although we are in a lockdown, we should still maintain a healthy lifestyle and mentality, more so now. Hence less stress is better for our mental health especially since from being cooped up at home 24 x 7.

My reasons may sound vague and selfish but this is my stand. Another shared a message from her doctor:
Well said, doctor!

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