Friday, 3 April 2020

RMO: Day 17

Finally it's Friday and I can't wait to get on with my gardening tomorrow! I noticed many new blooms peeking through so I can't wait to pet and sayang it! I'll definitely post it in my Instagram if there are new blooms ya...

Not forgetting, I have tons of books to Konmari as I am feeling overwhelmed by it! Too many for my liking and I don't have that many lifetime to finish reading it! Most have been in my 'to be read' pile for years and it's foxing already. If I'm not reading it now meaning it will still be in that pile for many years to come so I think it is time to let it all go. Honestly why hoard it when I'm not enjoying it? Also it's not sparking much joy at all! Let others enjoy the beautiful story it brings rather than piling up in my box or cupboard. Definitely too many to appreciate it properly.

With this RMO/MCO, it has actually made me realised my hoarding tendency. It's like a habit, a drugged like feeling that I must hoard to feel accomplished! When I spring-cleaned my living and dining room previously, I was surprised at the many stuff I have been keeping for no reasons at all! It's that mentality where I might need it in the future but after 10 years, it's still in the box. Also, when I finally wanted to use it, either I forgot I have it and bought a new one or it has spoilt. Soooo........ what's the point then? I have yet to venture into my kitchen and bedroom, will tackle the most obvious one first, my books. I didn't follow the Konmari order, just did it based on my feelings.

I have not thought of shopping thus far as I have what I need. After work, I have my Astro TV, books, crochet, Pokemon Go and Wizards Unite to entertain me aside from my beloved family. I have not ventured out of the house at all aside from my garden. I totally loved this feeling actually!

P/S: I do pity those extroverts whom I know would die of boredom and nothingness! Can feel their cobwebs and mushrooms growing too LOL!

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