Thursday, 2 April 2020

RMO: Day 16

I've been reading lots of funny posts and puns about husbands having trouble getting their groceries as the Ketua Rumah but I am just thankful that my hubby knows the groceries itself! Just list it down and he'll just go buy and return with all the right stuff! He goes to the hypermarket once a week for our groceries as there are nothing much near our house. We did try to check the major online websites for deliveries near us but then they are fully booked until the end of RMO. Some doesn't even deliver to our area! So what's the point then???

Well, with lots of negative thoughts and puns on the internet, it's really hard to stay positive during this lockdown. Easily irritable and annoying, we have to shift our mindset to become open-minded just to stay positive. Please see below...
Someone shared this in Facebook and it is definitely true for our situation right now. Unfortunately I can't credit whoever created this as it was not mentioned in the post. So practice this and shift your mindset to an open-minded one!

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