Thursday, 26 March 2020

RMO: Day 9

It's been a busy and hot 'work from home' day but fulfilling nonetheless. I just can't wait for Saturday to get my hands dirty........ my garden seeks my attention! Looking at the many luscious blooms and bushy greens are definitely soothing for my soul and sanity. It never fails to calm me effortlessly. So in keeping them keeping me happy, I do have to mind and fertilise each pot every weekend :-) I don't mind that at all as I do enjoy having my hands dirty in the soil, in fact, gardening to me is therapeutic! The sad part, I had some seedlings in an egg tray but I just realised a rodent had apparently been eating them!!! So I have to sow a new batch :-(

Well then, what else is new? I'm having a bad toothache after eating some cold oranges today during lunch. The pain has ceased but the dull throbbing is still there which makes it so damn unforgiving! I am afraid of going to a dentist but if this throbbing persists then I guess I have no choice but to visit one. Praying hard that the pain goes away when I wake up tomorrow morning! *fingers and toes crossed*

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