Wednesday, 25 March 2020

RMO: Day 8

It has just been announced by our PM that Restricted Movement Order / Movement Control Order has been extended to 14/4/2020.

My first thought was of my LRT RM100 30 days pass!!! There goes my RM100 with utilisation of 2 days only!!! How now, Rapid KL??? Please, I urged you, extend it for poor honest loyal souls like me :-( We did not wished for the RMO to happen so please, please, please extend it. It's computerised so I'm sure you can just update it backend for us poor souls. Thanking you in advance *fingers crossed*

Feeling a little annoyed that I turn to crochet to calm myself down, sooth my soul and my loss :-(

Anyway, with this RMO extension, I sure hope that, aside from COVID-19 disappearing from the face of the Earth, I could finally finished my spring-cleaning and work-in-progress. Though I have a few hours to complete it every evening, it's still time-consuming and I have to diligently make sure it sparks joy once completed LOL! So another 2 weeks is a blessing in disguise! Apologies to the extroverts out there! Please stay at home and make this RMO work! Duduk diam diam ya......

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