Tuesday, 24 March 2020

MPOV: Pop Pizza

This is an overlooked post which I've forgotten to publish. It was during the end of December 2019.

Hunting for food in Mid Valley is truly a tedious task with the many varieties available which made it harder to decide. We finally settled on this pizza parlour since it's new and recently opened. I guess we should have read the menu first before trying it out.
Monsters pizza RM78
It turned out to be quite costly plus the pizza we had was really hard and difficult to chew on. Also the portion was considered small for 5 of us when the waiter claimed it's big. The ingredient on top was quite thin which I guess made the portion small. Our total bill was RM90.50 just for that pizza alone with 10% and 5% taxes. Thankfully our iced waters were free.
Honestly, it's not worth our money and we would not want to go back again. The other pizza parlours served way much better ones with loads of topping and more crunchy to chew on even for thin crust. Not forgetting we had to wait quite a while when we were so famished, about 1/2 hour, as it's freshly made using those wood type oven. The only plus point were the servers /  waiters... prompt and friendly. We definitely hadn't thought of pizza after that as this one truly shooked us up. Maybe we ordered the wrong food or we went there at the wrong timing but it was not a pleasant experience for us.

My rating: 2/5
Location: LG-043 Mid Valley Megamall

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