Wednesday, 18 December 2019

My first book discussion!

I've been in a book club (KL Book Appreciation Club to be precise) for years now but I've never attended a single book discussion. I've been to some events and participated in some giftaways organised by them but never their book discussions. Well, aside from calendar conflict or location distance, most of the time I do not have the book they were going to discuss as most books that I do have are usually older and not as current.

A while back, my Sister-in-law actually gifted me a Kobo Touch and I did not use it as much. Reason being, I still love the actual feeling of holding a book and not a gadget. Well, after much Kon-maring and spring-cleaning, I've finally overcome the joy of having gazillions of books! I honestly felt overwhelmed by the abundance of my to-be-read pile! I even hated lugging it! And now, I did feel the gratefulness of holding a gadget to read which is light-weight with dozens of titles in it! Imagine that! I never knew I would finally experience something like that!

I've actually started selling some of my books, majority from my to-be-read pile as there were some which had been there for years! If I wasn't going to read it then, I would definitely not read it anytime sooner. Well, I have my Kobo now so I could just get it from there as and when I want to read it.

Oh well, thanks to this new direction in my life, I finally had the chance to attend a book discussion! Thankfully, location was near to me at Lovely Ever After Book Rental, USJ Taipan. Also it's a romance novel at that! As it was the last one for the year, we had Christmas potluck and gift exchange too! It was such a fab discussion which I've truly enjoyed, lovely companions with yummylicious food! I honestly can't wait for the next one now LOL!

In this romance book discussion, it was about Suzanne Enoch's It's Getting Scot in Here. I've read and reviewed it here previously. A catchy title right??? I'm amazed of the thought provoking discussion, even for a romance novel! I truly had a field day, felt so much at home with these lovely ladies, what more can I asked for? So here's to more book discussion, not sure if I would attend those of another genre as yet. FYI, there are also Literature, Science Fiction and Young Adult. Perhaps in the near future. To end this post, here are some photos of the event courtesy of Zarina.
Group photo!

Our yummylicious potluck

Gifts for exchange

Additional gifts: cute owls and deers from Murni whereas the packet trinkets were from me
Thank you to Irene (she happens to lead the romance book discussions) who has been encouraging me to join and I finally did! Here are what I've brought home...
My cute owl from Murni, lovely Jon Paul bookmark from Sharnila and I've bought those cute doggy ones!

I received this from the gift exchange
So here's to more book discussions in the near future!!!

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