Thursday, 8 August 2019

My Birthday Month

This is a long overdue post, a compilation of gifts received in my birthday month! It's a yearly compilation and I know it's a little self-absorbing but I do want to remember it 20 years down the road! Memory is not as good as it was hence this definitely helps in the long run so here goes...........

I was gob-smacked when Ai Jou fulfilled my ISO and gifted this for my birthday! It was a "KLBAC International Book Giving Day 2019" event held in March and I had requested for this, thinking that no one would fulfil since it's a new and expensive book. Lo and behold, Ai Jou answered and fulfilled it!!! I was so humbled and thankful for her generosity plus she remembered my birthday! Thus it is very important to blog it down!!!

Next is a yummy lunch treat at Jamaica Blue Fine Coffees, GMBB Mall from sis Alvina and bf Vince.

Not forgetting a yummy Japanese dinner plus a lovely Red Kettle dessert from bro Ryan and wife Sixin.

A yummy Renaissance cake from my neighbour.

An unexpected gift from my Pokemon Go kaki, Alice.

Another unexpected gift from my colleague, Ben.

There were another 2 more from my BFF's Joyce and Adrianne which I've Instagram and deleted the photos hence not able to share it here!

Last but not least, a huge treat from hubby... a short getaway to Bangkok :-) Photos for this would be featured in my Bangkok related posts as it's a lot!

Thank you, everyone, from the bottom of my heart!!!

At 47, with irregular mood swings, I've been trying to psyche myself with lots of positivism... reminding myself to be humble, be grateful and be thankful for everything in my life... not forgetting to let go of the negativity surrounding me. Amen.

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