Monday, 8 April 2019

Nyc Nat Nook: we have moved!

Dear readers and followers,

If you have followed our Instagram account or Facebook page, you would have noticed our moving out notice. It's definitely not a April Fool's prank ya!

We are planning to move to a more conducive and convenient location which we have yet to identify, so for the time-being, we have moved from offline to online! Yes, we are available online now so you can get in touch with us anytime (except when we are sleeping) in the comfort of your own bed! No traffic jam! No double parking! Less hassle now as you can shop or rent online! As it's still new, we are in the midst of tweaking and fine-tuning it. So if you have any ideas or issues, please provide your feedback to us so that we can serve you better.

Here's the website:


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