Wednesday, 20 February 2019

MPOV: The Painted Hall Collection

My rating: 3/5
Goodreads rating: 4/5
Reading Women Challenge 2019: 13) A myth retelling
My CNY 2019 read #2

Author: Anna Tan
Genre: fantasy fiction
Published: Dec 20th, 2018

This collection consisted of 4 short stories, co-related to each other. I've actually read the first 2 way before this collection has been compiled. To be honest, I've enjoyed the first two the best. The last one seemed a little over done, as though there were efforts in trying too hard to complete it.

1) When Wind Blows Cold - read this in 2015!
You can read my full review here:

This is about Danis from the South who travelled all over town looking for a bride whom he found to be Hana at the North.
Go north, little human. Go north until the winds blow cold and you walk on water. Go north, and there you will find her.
2) The Flame of the North - read this in 2017!
You can read my full review here:

This is about Mica, Danis and Hana's young son, who was destined to be his grandfather's heir to take over the City of Winter.

3) Beneath the Rumbling Earth - new!
This is also about Mica who was no longer the heir after his sister, Hono, was born.
In the Deep where none dare go. Beneath the rumbling earth. Before the Flame is doused. You must rekindle birth
4) The Still, Small Voice - new!
This is about Hono becoming the queen and the expectation from her people.
Listen. Listen. Listen!
Overall, this collection is a worthy read which I would recommend. It is fast paced, short with straight forward prose which made it an easy read. As it's a local fantasy, the plot itself was totally relatable and easily understood. I've enjoyed reading it even though it felt a little 'meh' towards the end. If you liked local folklore, do give this book a try!

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