Saturday, 5 January 2019

Reading Women Challenge 2019

After numerous failed attempts at reading challenges previously, I must say I am a little perplexed to try this one by Reading Women. After giving it some thoughts, I guess there's no harm in trying since their list is with 24 challenges and I've actually set my Goodreads reading goal at 38 books! As I have a mountain of books at Nyc Nat Nook, I'm always at a lost on what to read next. So this challenge can definitely help me select my next book to read easily :-)

So, the first challenge on the list is:
1. A mystery or thriller written by a woman of colour

I've decided to read Ovidia Yu's Aunty Lee's Delights (Singaporean Mystery #1) once I've finished Agatha Christie's A Murder at the Vicarage. Sounds like I'm on a roll for mystery and crime LOL!!! I do pledged to update the list accordingly in order to ensure I'll complete the challenge. So *fingers crossed*

Anyway, you can read the full details of the challenge here:

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