Thursday, 24 January 2019

MPOV: Antipodeon Cafe

My rating: 3.5/5
Location: G37, Ground Floor Atria Mall
Type: Non-halal

Initially, when we approached the cafe, we felt intimidated by it's appearance ala stylo milo classy elegant. And then we were surprised that their menu is actually on their wall! Honestly, it's good to save more trees but it was kinda difficult to make out exactly what's on their wall. Too many on too little space!
Steven Arrabiata Spaghetti RM30
Big Al's Pasta Spaghetti RM24
Total including 10% service charge and 6% service tax RM62.65

Their food choice was limited so we've ordered spaghetti in the end. Surprisingly, it was yummylicious good. Normally I prefer white sauce or aglio ollio as tomato sauce usually turns out to be sourish which I disliked. However, I can taste the fresh tomato in this sauce which was not sourish at all! I'm glad that it's edible for me and I've wiped it clean! Even hub's sinful bacon strips and all was really tasty. Good portion with good service, overall it was a pleasant dinner for us.

Unfortunately, the high side is the pricing which was really the 'once in a blue moon' kinda meal for us. Well, with fresh ingredients and situated in a prime area of a mall, I guess it's unavoidable.

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