Monday, 26 November 2018

MPOV: Kim-Zen

My rating: 3/5
Location: T05 Third Floor, Atria Shopping Gallery
Type: non-halal

This restaurant looks exclusive but when we saw the menu, it's actually affordable.
So here's a simple lunch set we had the other day:
Steam rice with chicken leg RM9.40
Steam rice with minced pork RM9.40
Spare rib soup RM7.30
2 glasses of plain water RM2.20
10% service charge RM2.67
So total bill was RM30.95

Overall, it was a satisfying and fulfilling meal. The food was tasty enough and the portion was big in my books. I actually liked the fact that the rice was steamed hence the healthy feeling ya... do note for steamed rice it takes a while to be served.

Other than that, for the pricing at a mall, it was okay except for the plain water which cost RM1.10 per glass. I do hope it's 'diamond water' since it's so expensive LOL! Plus with the 'atas' feel and air-conditioned, it's nice for a family meal here.

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