Friday, 5 October 2018

MPOV: Paradise Dynasty

My rating: 3/5
Type: non-halal
Location: Lot G21, G22 & GA21, IPC Shopping Centre
Facebook: @paradisegroupmsia

Having our lunch here was kinda a mistake as it was expensive! Thankfully it was fulfilling or else it would have felt like fine dining LOL!
Original XLB 6 pcs RM15.90
The dishes we've ordered were based on the photos in the menu, aside from XLB which was a must have for us! XLB was of average taste though.
Shredded Pork in Black Sauce RM24.40
It was nice to wrap in the thin popiah skin but the shredded pork still tasted a little bitter for me albeit tender and soft.
Prawn & Pork Dumpling RM20.65
This dumpling dish was definitely Szechuan style as it's so spicy!!! It truly hit the roof, so to speak!!!
Crispy Spring Roll RM10.25
Simple crispy vegetable spring roll with nothing much else inside.
Puer Tea for 2 pax RM7.50
Wet tissue RM1.50
Tidbits RM3.75
10% service charge RM8.40
6% service tax RM5.04

Total RM97.40 to which my eyes nearly bawled out! Fine lah since it's supposedly an exclusive Chinese restaurant but those extras charged felt a little too much in my books. The overall service experience sort of made up for the high charges I supposed. It sure is a once in a blue moon kinda treat for me lah... would have opted for something else Chinese but the choice of restaurant was kinda limited in IPC. I'm just glad it was fulfilling for us as we were famished then!

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