Wednesday, 10 October 2018

MPOV: go Thai

My rating: 4/5
Type: non-halal
Location: T 25 - 28, Atria Shopping Gallery

An impromptu late lunch here hence the quiet ambience. I definitely liked the decorations with many vintage tiffins and whatnots! Surprisingly, the food is as tasty as those in Bangkok!

Iced Longan RM4.90 and TTK Ice Cream RM7.90
Cooling yet refreshing desserts!
Khao Kha Moo RM11.90
This was definitely what we were looking for! It tasted similarly to those found in Bangkok! The only setback was the meat wasn't as tender and soft. Maybe it hasn't been broiled enough yet. Other than that it was good!
Kai Jeaw Poo RM24.90
Total bill was RM50.40 including of ice water RM0.80. Of course the price is not comparable to those in Bangkok, which is way cheaper there, but the overall taste and quality of food was good. Not forgetting the service was quite efficient and the staffs were friendly too. It's definitely a place worth visiting again though not as often, perhaps whenever the craving acquiesce.

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