Friday, 28 September 2018

Nyc Nat Nook v1.0

I have always fancy having my own books and crafts cafe, day dreaming of the facade and whatnots. However, in reality, it costs a bomb to open one! I've done my homework and it's not cheap ya especially the equipment to run a cafe.

Fortunately, opportunity comes in another form...

So here I am, finally taking this huge step with hubby, setting up a brick and mortar shop! Though not the whole shop per se, it's just a small corner nestling within an optical shop and a cafe.

A little background to this special arrangement:
Well, it was the optician's idea to have a 3-in-1 shop where it's inter-related. We have the main tenant which is the optical shop, the cafe so customers can sit, read and drink coffee while waiting for their spectacles to be ready and lastly, my shop where customers can read, rent and shop :-) Something different and unique, right?!!!

Hence, "Nyc Nat Nook" has been born! Here, we plan to have:
- books for rent with random reads from classics to modern fictions
- crafts for sale with crochet workshops for beginners would be available
- accessories for ladies and gadget for mobile phones for sale

I know it seems like a lot for a small corner but it's something we believe in. Definitely a leap of faith for us *fingers crossed*. All I can say is there's a little something for every readers, crafters and gift-hunters... all under one roof! I mean nook!!!

No need to look further ya... coming soon so stay tuned!!!

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