Thursday, 20 September 2018

MPOV: Fei Fei Crab Restaurant

Type: Non-halal
My rating: 4/5
Location: 19 Jalan SS 22/11, Damansara Jaya, 47400 Petaling Jaya

This is our first time here, recommended by a couple of good -Pokemon Go- friends. It's an air-conditioned seafood restaurant which is cosy yet with a typical no frills ambience. Customers were in and out non-stop, filling up the restaurant fast! Service was prompt and we were efficiently served without much hassle.

As we did not foot the bill, prices below had been Googled so it's a rough estimate on how much the meal would cost.
Vegetable: NA; BBQ Pork Rib +- RM30
This 2 dishes were awesome! Such simple delicacy yet tasted just right! I do recognise the vegetable though I didn't know the dish, it's pretty yummy with so much mushroom and I could taste a tinge of 'flower wine'. The pork rib was sinfully delicious with soft, tender meat + fat 'toing toing' roasted just right!
Fried Chinese Bun +- RM5; Claypot Kam Heong Crab +- RM150
The main dish arrived and all eyes were on the huge crab! Aside from smelling heavenly, it tasted just as sinfully heavenly!!! The bun looked ordinary but it's actually hot and fluffy with crispy skin. Once dipped into the crab's gravy, the combination was like fireworks! The crab itself, though huge, was 100% meat filled! Fresh, succulent with awesome creamy kam heong gravy cooked to perfection! I can never get over this dish, for sure, the taste will stay fresh in my mind for years to come! (still drooling while blogging here LOL!!!)

Honestly, though expensive (estimated RM200++ for 4 pax), it's definitely worthwhile for a once in a blue moon treat to self!!! Overall, it is a perfect gourmet indulgence for me!

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