Wednesday, 1 August 2018

My 46th birthday!

So here's a round up of my birthday this year, nothing short of memorable moments and tears of joy!
Sun, sea and shop in Phuket! Thanks hubby!!!
Happy to celebrate it with my Angels!
Not forgetting Pokemon Go had community day then with Squirtle as it's shiny with sunglasses Pokemon! A memorable family quality time for sure!
Our family of Pokemon's with sunglasses in a Gym!!!
With PH Pokemon Go team! Thanks Alice!!!
Thanks Ai Jou for this lovely journal! It's so pretty I sayang to use it lah...
Thanks Adrianne for the lipstick and beauty class! Can't wait to start on this beauties!!!
Thanks Joyce for this crochet tools!!!

Last but not least, a treat for self. Last batch before "Book buying ban" takes effect again
Overall, I'm so thankful for all these lovely celebrations and gifts! It was truly a surprise and it's a memorable 46th for me! I'm grateful too for such thoughtful best friends... without them, I'm a nobody! I'm blessed with such a beautiful family... truly am happy to celebrate my birthday with them! Amen!!!

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