Monday, 23 July 2018

Phuket: Patong Beach

Finally, a beautiful sunny and bright morning beckoned us to the beach! It's a lackadaisical day of sun and sea... just enjoying the quiet moments by the busy beach... 'people watching' and enjoying the breeze too! Not forgetting walking the eggs in Pokemon Go LOL!

And then I found the Post Office! Posted postcards with these lovely stamps!
Tip: You can buy stamps from any 7 Eleven shops. The only post office we found is along Patong Beach, next to McDonald's. It's facade is hidden by the various roadside stalls as such do look up for the huge signage.

Humbled to see Pakatan Harapan's flag in Phuket!!!

A panoramic view
Lunch and dinner consisted of porky ingredients LOL! Well, we can't find such menu in Malaysia so we indulged it overseas especially for fast food!
Lunch time at Burger King!

Dinner time at Jeffer's Jungceylon Mall
We decided to hang out at this pub near our hotel since it's our last night in Phuket. As mentioned earlier, it's truly a free and easy day without any plans or itinerary aside from the beach. Just a walk in the mall and a beer later, we headed back to the hotel to hit the sack!

Next post: our last day in Phuket

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