Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Mary Kay beauty class with Adrianne

A good friend recently decided to venture into the beauty business and she was enthusiastic to practice her demo with us. Though it started off a little rough, I was totally sold in the end!

It's a basic beauty class for Mary Kay products. I've totally enjoyed the session and I'm actually in awe with my own skin at the end of the class LOL!!! Honestly, it did feels plumped up and soft to the touch like those beauty advertisements where the skin feels 'toing toing' :-)

Meet our beauty consultant, Adrianne
Me, goofing around while waiting :-p
Joyce, our hostess
A glowing me, after the session!
Azreen too!!!

While waiting for the LRT, with natural lighting, I've never seen my skin glow so nicely! I'm truly intrigued but have to wait lah as...

1. I do still have at least a year stock of beauty products so have to finish it first
2. The range is not cheap so most likely having to buy it 1 by 1 lah

So have to be patient now before achieving flawless skin especially freckles free!!!

If you are interested, you can send me an email and I'll pass your contacts to Adrianne ya...
OR you can get in touch with her directly here:

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