Monday, 4 June 2018

MPOV: Funko Pop Thresh and Sheldonet Toy Store

Note: This is a long post ya... so please bear with me...

I had an unpleasant then pleasant experience buying a Funko Pop from Sheldonet Toy Store recently. Well, Sheldonet is the distributor for Funko Pop's in Malaysia and they do have a shop in Mid Valley aside from selling it via their website. So here's what happened...

Tyger had been looking for this Funko Pop model, Thresh, high and low. We had gone to many places looking for it but to no avail. Finally, we found it on Sheldonet's website and promptly placed an order with the option to collect from their Mid Valley shop. 2 days later, on a Saturday, I received a call from one of their staff saying that it's ready for collection. As we were outstation then, I told him I can only drop by either Monday or Tuesday after work to collect it.

So Tuesday came and we were at the shop, happily asking the guy on duty for our Thresh. What happened next was truly unforgiving! I was so angry that I was speechless!!!

Well........ he actually gave me a Funko Pop Jinx!!! I was fuming!!! How can Thresh become Jinx??? I checked his invoice and it stated clearly, THRESH!!! Hubby was so over his top, practically wanna punch that fella leh as the way he reacted... it was as though it's pre-planned and he was prepared to take the blows. It was definitely not a coincidence that Thresh was missing ya... we had that strong gut feeling!!! That fella got the cheek to retort that it'll take another month or two for the stock to arrive some more, all kinds of excuses lah, etc...... Hello! Your website didn't state that ya! So in the end, we demanded for our Thresh, by hook or by crook since we have already paid for it via their website which stated there's stock ya!!! Subsequently, I've also sent an annoyed and angry email to their office plus tweeted to Funko Pop USA.

There was no reply from their office at all and I thought that our order has gone down the drain. Suddenly I received a call from them the following Monday. This time it's a girl asking me to collect my order at Mid Valley - again - that evening. I was definitely perplexed as I wonder if it's the correct doll, asking her again and again, "are you sure? confirmed correct model ah?". She did sound like I'm a weirdo asking such questions but hey, you can't blame me ya... once bitten, twice shy leh.

So, off we go again after work, enduring the peak hour traffic jam to Mid Valley. The previous guy was not around, the girl was not around but another boy was there... and lo and behold... he presented our order correctly! I was ecstatic! Even hubby double checked to make sure IT IS THRESH LOL!!! Then a chap named Cheah, upon knowing we were there to collect Thresh, quickly came over to apologise for all the trouble and heartache we went through. He seemed like someone from the office lah and hubby took the opportunity to harp on the bad traffic jam we had to endure... the disappointment our son faced especially since it's a delayed gift for him!!!
Our loot that night!
FYI, we do collect Funko Pop's hence we were truly disappointed when this happened. A first and I do hope it's the last! Thankfully, all in all, it was a happy ending lah... we were offered a "peace" discount and hubby promptly added some more to our collection {=.=} Thanks Cheah and staff for the kind peace offering... you have instilled our faith in Sheldonet and Funko Pop again!

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