Monday, 28 May 2018

Post-mortem: my second crochet workshop

After my first crochet workshop, with the feedback and suggestions gathered, I had thought about it long and hard... finally coming up with this 'Beginner's crochet workshop'. It's a crochet workshop meant for beginners where I'll teach basic crochet stitches and then to crochet a coaster. This time around, the class was smaller with a slightly longer hour which turned out to be successful! I was ecstatic when all 3 managed to finish a coaster each! I'll definitely keep to this syllabus for sure! So here are some photos captured by hubby...

Here are some random stationary photos I've taken of Lit Books! I love, love, love the environment here!

The yummy tea (or coffee for some) set that comes with the workshop package!
Thank you, Tung, Irene and Adelene, for having faith in me and given to me your full support! I am grateful and thankful for it! For our next lesson, we will move on to book sleeve!

If you know nothing about crochet and are interested to learn, do drop me an email at for more details.

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