Thursday, 24 May 2018

Bangkok: Day 4 @ Palladium area

On this day, the main reason for us to go to Palladium Mall was to check out the beads/ accessories wholesale floor at basement 1. As we were early, most shops were not opened yet which was favourable for us as it was easier to survey a few shops rather than being mobbed by many. However, it turned out to be expensive in our books even though it's wholesale as mainly we were tourists and not locals. So in the end, we just lepak around and then left the area after lunch, headed towards Central World instead. So here's a recapped of our random photos:

Our yummy breakfast at one of the quaint shops near our hotel:

Reached our destination!

Loving the sky walkway passing through the malls without having to sweat it out!

At last, we had to cross the road to Palladium Mall under the bright sunny sky!
After a disappointing survey of the wholesale centre, we were chilling at Cafe Amazon! Honestly, they have the cheapest coffee and yet so yummy!
We chance upon this Chicken Rice Shop and it was flooded with locals for lunch. So we had to try it out too! The end result, it's a simple yet tasty meal... tender meat with crispy skin, not too over buttery rice with spicy chilli condiments!

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