Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Bangkok: Day 3 @ MBK

After Jim Thompson, we took the train to MBK. Finally some shopping and relaxation in the air-conditioned mall! It was dry and humid weather when we were in Bangkok then so we tried to be in malls as much as we could. Here are some random photos........

We had lunch at MBK's food court ya... the food here is so yummy and at THB275 only including drinks!
Suddenly we were in Chatuchak Park again LOL! Well, we were kinda bored in MBK so we headed back to this park for some evening walk and Pokemon Go raid :-)

Time to head back to MBK for dinner!
FYI, I bought this from a random shop at the train station and it's really yummy! Btw, non-halal ya...

Back at MBK McDonald's for a non-halal dinner at THB310!
Just can't help sharing the fact that the Bic Mac here has more meat than in Malaysia... albeit different type of meat lah... 
After dinner, we called it a night and head back to the hotel.

Next post: day 4 at Palladium area

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