Thursday, 3 May 2018

Bangkok: Day 2 @ Emquartier

After Dasa Book Cafe, while on our way back to our hotel, we passed by this bright and shiny mall so we thought of checking it out since we were also starting to feel hungry. This brightly lit mall was filled with many branded shops! Even the restaurants were of exclusive standard including the food court!

The glamorous facade!

After walking around the mall, we decided to proceed to the food court for dinner. Honestly, the food here pales in comparison to the food court at MBK or Platinum Mall. Our total bill for the below food and drink was THB220. It's cold, stale and not as tasty... maybe not many customers here lah...

I liked that they provide serviettes for all the tables
The one thing that I truly liked in this mall was the toilet! So canggih, clean and spacious plus fully stocked with toilet roll! I can just sleep here lah LOL! Unlike the ones in KL which are so dated and dirty!

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