Wednesday, 11 April 2018

MPOV: Ho Li Chow Kopitiam

My rating: 4/5

Location: 40 Jalan SS 20/10, Damansara Kim, 47400 PJ
Type: Nyonya, non-halal

This kopitiam came highly recommended for us to try but I was sceptical at first as it was empty. I guess we were too early for dinner time then. The ambience, though canteen style plus a little warm, was clean and systematic. I liked that Auntie Sue, the owner, personally recommended the dishes for our dinner consumption on which dishes to go with which plus the amount or quantity of dishes. She also reiterated that there's no MSG in all her food which I truly agree!

Sayur Paku Kerabu Style
 This vegetable dish was so refreshingly tasty and not as spicy.
Ikan Cincaru Sumbat
This fish dish was worth it! The sambal sumbat was not spicy and filled with many spices especially lemongrass!
Auntie Sue's famous Tau Yu Bak with extra eggs!
Authentic Tau Yu Bak at it's best! Not forgetting their wall of fame below:

Their lunch menu is different from their dinner menu so I didn't get to savour the infamous Mee Hoon Siam! We've only had a dinner here and I'm sold! I definitely enjoyed the authentic, freshly home-cooked Nyonya style here which was way better than many others that I've tried, even those in Melaka.

Unfortunately, as it was a dinner treat, I did not get the receipt nor the costs of each dishes but mind you, it's totally worth it! FYI, the food we've ordered was for 4 pax with 4 plates of Basmati rice and drinks.

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