Thursday, 5 April 2018

MPOV: Bari-Uma Ramen

My rating: 3/5

Location: Lot F61, First Floor, Mitsui Outlet Park KLIA Sepang
Type: non-halal
This restaurant is apparently famous for it's homemade ramen noodles as stated by it's signage upfront. However, not sure why but we have ordered rice dishes instead LOL!
Karaage 4 pcs RM11.90; Gyoza 5 pcs RM11.90
We enjoyed the karaage dish a lot! So tasty and crunchy!
Chashu Mayo Rice RM12.90
Angel's kept saying their portion was small. Well, the bowl is small even by my standard LOL!
Ishiyaki-Salmon Chaofan RM17.90
We were slightly surprised that they actually stirred our chaofan dishes before serving us. Then I realised it's pretty hot and still cooking in the claypot or else our rice would have burnt. So no pretty flatlay here. My salmon chaofan was a little bland though hubs' chashu was real tasty.

4 hot green tea RM12
1 Gyoza 5 pcs RM11.90
1 Karaage 4 pcs RM11.90
1 Ishiyaki-Salmon Chaofan RM17.90
1 Ishiyaki-Chashu Chaofan RM15.90
1 Chashu Mayo Rice RM12.90
1 Honetsuki Tori Rice RM12.90
Total inclusive of 10% service charge + 6% GST RM111.25

Overall, it was an expensive meal so fine for a once in a blue moon treat lah. The servings were ok, nice food and good service with comfy ambience but it was unfortunate I saw something that wasn't hygienic. Since we are paying so much (in my books), I would have expected better lah.

A staff was filling up the chopsticks into the drawer container for a table opposite and a piece fell to the floor. Instead of washing that chopstick, he has put it together with the rest into the chopstick drawer. There were other customers besides us and he did that nonchalantly! And I was beginning to question if my chopsticks were actually clean, should have sterilised it first before use!

So speechless... thankfully our meal was good (praying that all was fine in the kitchen), so compensated a little lah from that unwanted view. Anyway, the restaurant is decked with many Fengshui pieces...

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