Thursday, 26 April 2018

Bangkok: Day 2 @ Chatuchak

This time around, we did not booked the hotel's breakfast which was a blessing as we have the chance to try the roadside local cuisine! There's a row of stalls on the next road, OTW to Asok BTS station and we decided to try one of the fried food stalls. Definitely oodles of noodles yumminess!

Iced Milk Tea with Fried Noodles!
From the many years of visiting Bangkok, I've never been to Chatuchak at all so, finally, I've ticked this off my travel bucket list! So convenient taking the BTS to Chatuchak, from Asok station which is about 15 mins walk from where we stay, Marvel Hotel.
View from BTS station
Chatuchak Park is a haven for Pokemon Go players! Many Pokestops and Gyms, whenever there're raids, plenty of players will join in! They even have picnics there while playing and raiding!

View from Chatuchak Park
Finally stepping into the market... honestly, it's similar to other markets in Bangkok like Huai Khwang night market, the only difference is that Chatuchak is available on Sunday mornings only.

Thai popsicles!
Thai Siu Yoke!
After walking a huge distance, we finally reached the main entrance on the other side, supposedly lah. Well, an interesting and huge market but worth going just for once in my opinion. Too crowded with so many similar products where popular ones are available everywhere but overpriced for some.
Back to BTS Asok Station and then hotel to freshen up!
Next: Dasa Book Cafe

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