Tuesday, 27 February 2018

MPOV: KungFu Bake Rice

My rating: 3/5
Location: G-04 Aeon Big Subang Jaya
Website: www.paradisefnb.com.my
Type: Halal

We have always seen this place crowded so we decided to give it a try... also Angels were with us then so the more the merrier lah!
Breakdown of the food we had ordered:
Steam Siakap with Rice RM19.90
Baby Kailan Salted Fish RM12.90
SF Beancurd with Chicken RM13.90
3 plates of Jasmine Steamed Rice RM7.80
4 glasses of iced water RM2.40
Total bill including 6% GST RM60.30

Overall, it was ok, nothing to shout about but it's decent for such pricing lah. Their bestseller was apparent, the steam fish was in a class of it's own... fresh, tender meat and sweet sourish spicy broth made the overall dish truly yummy! I did noticed that every single table ordered the steam fish so we definitely can't go wrong here. Also at RM19.90 it is worthwhile lah! You can't get this price at any Chinese restaurants for sure. The vegetable and beancurd dishes were average but I didn't taste any salted fish for the vegetable. Though ambience a little noisy as it's open concept, this is still a worthwhile meal to have with the family.

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