Tuesday, 9 January 2018

MPOV: Small Wooden House Cafe

My rating: 3/5
Type: No pork
Location: 16, Jalan Besar, Tapah, Perak

A Christmas eve tea time with Angels after playing Pokemon Go at the nearby park. I just love the simple and cosy ambience where we can rest and relax whilst enjoying our cuppa.

Dark Chocolate RM8.50
Loved the dark chocolate colour of Tyger's drink!
Chocolate RM8
Even Princess' drink came with a biscuit!
Curly fries RM6.50; Cream puff RM4
These were simple snacks which we love and enjoy!
Iced Latte RM8
It seemed none of us were having tea for tea time LOL!
Caramel Machiato RM8.50
Our total bill was RM43.50. A little over the top for such simplicity but it was worthwhile spending it with my Angels. Still, it's cheaper than Starbucks! Anyway, enjoying their company, such quality time with Angels is precious. Not forgetting the overall food and drinks were yummy too especially the cream puff! I did enjoy my Caramel Machiato though it would be better with a little more caramel LOL! Well, we definitely won't mind coming again for the cream puff :-)

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