Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Last day & post: Hong Kong - a walk around town and Mak's Noodle

Our last day in Hong Kong and time was ticking fast...

After packing and freshening up at the hotel, we headed out again, taking the MRT this time. To be honest, I totally cannot recall which station we disembarked so hopefully through the photos below, the landmarks might be helpful to those who wanted to know.

Long queue at an Apple shop!
The best part, people selling mobile phones by the road side outside the Apple shop! Unbelievable!

Heavy traffic jam!

Finally reaching our lunch destination!
This is really good! Mak's famous prawn wantan noodle!
Loved the quaint, antique feel of this small restaurant! Definitely worth all the trouble coming over here for lunch! A simple yet tasty meal with fresh prawn wantan and nice tangible noodle. Darn! My mouth is watering, thinking of it again!

Even the waiter was friendly and joined in to wefie!
At last, after lunch, we headed back to the hotel to check out and take a cab straight to the airport. I did feel sad that our holiday has come to an end so soon, sob!

Thank you so much sis for this memorable trip! My first to Macau and Hong Kong plus it was just the three of us, mother and daughters! Albeit the tiresome rush, I did have a wonderful and enjoyable holiday!

Au revoir, Macau and Hong Kong! Until we meet again next time!

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