Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Day 3: Hong Kong - Stanley's Market

Continuing from my Hong Kong trip previously, this is day 3 at Stanley's Market. This is a market I truly enjoyed as it's mostly art related with lots of handmade handicrafts! So much more interesting things to see and buy some...

So tame!

So friendly!
After a tiring morning walk through the market, we set for lunch... a dimsum restaurant, I think it's called Chung's Cuisine, which is on a higher ground. Coincidentally, on the way, we saw these handmade teddy bears... apparently it's made by that guy!!! A male crafter which is kinda rare!

Our sumptuous lunch!
I would like to point out that everyone in Hong Kong loves their dogs. They bring their furkid everywhere! Either to the mall or the market or even to the restaurant! So much so that they even have a parking lot for dogs!!! I definitely am green with envy here...

Next post: After lunch, we headed to the most popular place in Hong Kong, The Peak.

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