Monday, 8 January 2018

Day 3: Hong Kong - The Peak & Sam Sui Po

I've always watched TVB series showing cold freezing weather at The Peak and Hong Kong so I would have expected the same. Unfortunately the weather has changed, in fact it was a warm one throughout this trip! So the thick Uniqlo jacket I have brought along was for naught. Thankfully, though not freezing, it was still cooling at The Peak so not too bad lah.

Here are some photos taken of the view from high above... enjoying the cool breeze after a warm day at Stanley's Market earlier. Such breath-taking views!

After The Peak, we did a quick detour to Sam Sui Po just to check out the night market there. Apparently it's one of the oldest night market in Hong Kong with many retro buildings in sight. I just liked the many stationary shops here... can just browse and shop like forever! The best part, it's a wholesale market so we have to buy everything in bulks! After oogling at the cute stationary, we headed for dinner.

Fish balls in curry sauce with deep yellow colouring
Next: dinner at a famous 'siu ngor' restaurant.

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