Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Day 2: Phuket

It was such a blessing that our travel this time beckons sunny weather! Unlike the previous times, we encountered rainy weather! I guess it's both Angel's luck lah bringing good weather on this trip! Anyway, this will be a photo filled post so I'll just let them speak for themselves LOL!

First, our hearty breakfast which was included in our hotel room package. Simple yet fulfilling!
Then, a walk to the mesmerising beach! So sunny and bright! FYI, we were tanned even though we were sitting under shades of trees!

Can't be helped, the photo-bombers just love standing at obvious places...

After a stroll at the sunny beach, we went for lunch at Burger King, Jungceylon Mall. Can you believe it that it's non-halal and has more varieties of burger?! Definitely yummy too than those in Malaysia!
I just had to share this of the hotel we were staying in, Forty Winks. For a start, we thought these books were for real... but then alas... it's all fakes!
Anyway, some of the funky, steam-punk designs which I liked!
Simple yet captivating!

This is actually Starbuck's Christmas tree which I just had to share lah...
After all those walking, we hurried back to the hotel for some dips before dinner. Tyger was especially ecstatic to be in the pool again! Dinner was just a 2 mins walk from the hotel, around the corner, by the roadside...

Simple rice noodle soup which was truly yummy!
After dinner, we headed to Jungceylon again because of this nightly event. A water fountain documentary of their beloved King at 7pm every night.

Can see the faded documentary?
After that, it was Bangla Street time! Definitely an eye-opening experience for Angels LOL! Princess kept commenting that she has to wash her eyes with clorox!!! Well, only innocent photos shared here...

All in all, a tiring yet fulfilling day 2 in Phuket! Walked a lot! Ate a lot! Seen a lot! Walked some more! Laugh some more!

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