Monday, 29 January 2018

Day 1: Malacca

Finally a short trip with mom and siblings over a weekend! We didn't plan to go far so Malacca it is since it's 'central' between Selangor and Singapore LOL! Anyway, I'll let the photos speak for itself, though not many, so here's day 1 of food galore!
Entrance to Jonker Street with that huge bird greeting us while otw to lunch upon arriving!
A must! Chicken rice balls for lunch @ Hoe Kee Chicken Rice!

Another a must! Ice kacang for dessert!!!

A first for us... cruise the river... we can bring Angels to experience this the next time. Thankfully not crowded too, perhaps due to the hot weather!

Then it was time to go check-in at our Airbnb plus shower and catch some 40 winkers before dinner! Yeap, since there were 8 of us, Airbnb is the ideal and cost-effective choice.
Finally, a Nyonya dinner at Nancy's Kitchen before another walk at Jonker Street. After the long walk, it was time to hit the sack since it has been a tiring day of walking, shopping and eating...

Next: day 2.

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