Tuesday, 5 December 2017

[MPOV] Uni-V Skin Care - Jelly Mask

Previously, I've blogged about my experience using the Essence Spray here:

And now, the final product, Jelly Mask.

A simple, easy to use mask with less hassle, similarly to the old style version of mask where we can just apply it on the skin. After a cleansed and toned skin, with it's light jelly texture, I've evenly spread it on my skin leaving it to dry for 20 mins. And here's the best part, I can remove it or wash it off using the tap's running water easily. No need warm water nor hot towel. Easy peasy, towel dry and then apply the usual moisturisers. I have been using it once every 2 weeks and so far, so good. Lightly fragrant and not overwhelming which helped to feel relax and not nauseating.

The outcome: Though I did not take any photos... well, I was kinda lazy lah... in fact, I keep forgetting LOL! Well, I do it before I sleep so I'm usually half asleep so please excuse my tardiness. Anyway, I do feel that my skin has flourished, doesn't feel as dry and feels more taut... just like those 'toing toing' adverts ya LOL!!! I'm truly happy with how my skin turns out and have been diligently using both the essence and mask which I am loving it so far.

For more details of the products or where to purchase, you can check out their website:

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