Monday, 4 December 2017

Day 2: Hong Kong

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Upon arriving in Hong Kong from Macau, we had to queue for quite a long while for a taxi to our hotel from the ferry terminal. Not sure why but there weren't many taxi's then and the queue was long! It was late evening then though. Anyway, once at the hotel, I was sure glad to be able to rest for awhile before heading out for sis' dinner appointment with her colleague.

A taxi ride to the seafood restaurant was quite a distant but thankfully there was no traffic jam.

Look at those furkids!
Finally, we have reached our destination

The only dish which I've remembered to take a photo of
Sis' colleague and family

That huge crab!
The wet market filled with so many varieties of seafood definitely reminded me of those TVB series which I've watched. Those delectable memories... except for the below photo... unintentionally captured those load of rubbish in the sea!

Late night anglers

Ladies Market
After dinner, we went to Langham Place as sis was looking for a particular brand of shoes before going to Ladies Market which was about 5 mins walk away. Upon arriving at Ladies Market, I was humbly surprised that it reminded me of Petaling Street. Exact replica with all the products sold imported from China. I did have in mind to shop for Christmas/ CNY but alas... nothing catches my fancy. I even had an untoward incident with Starbucks here which I've blogged about earlier. You can read it here:
Unique number plate!
All in all, even though it was a day of rushing and waiting, we were happy that we have enjoyed our quality time together in the end. Learnt some new things and also experience, hoping for a much better one the next day where we would spend the whole day with sis' best friend and family.

Next: day 3 - Hong Kong - Repulse Bay, Stanley's Market and The Peak.

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