Wednesday, 1 November 2017

[MPOV] Uni-V Skin Care - Essence Spray

Earlier, I've blogged about this new gem which I've started using, you can view my previous post here

After a month of usage, I'm a happy camper! My skin feels soft and supple, the product itself smells nice and smooth to use. I'm glad to be given this opportunity to try it! 

So here's my review of the first product: Essence Spray 50ml RM69.90

Made of natural marine ingredients, collagen and red algae, this bottle of essence is conveniently packed with a spray nozzle. I'm using this after my moisturiser / before my sunblock during the day and after moisturiser during the night. I've initially used the spray directly on my skin but I find it rather wasting as the light mist spritz all over hence the wastage though invigorating LOL!
You can either spray it directly on your skin
I've since sprayed it on my cotton ball first before dabbing it on my skin in upwards motion. It's lightly fragranced so I find it perky in the morning after using it. Apparently some may not like the scent so perhaps you can dab it lightly instead. It is suitable for dry and sensitive skin.
Or spray it on a cotton ball before applying it on your skin
The outcome: I find my skin more soft and supple, not as drying and I'm glad that there's no adverse effect on my sensitive skin! Now I wonder if it'll lighten my freckles! LOL!

The best part, this product is made in Malaysia so a plus point for me as I do support local products and entrepreneurs.

For more details, you can check out their website:

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