Tuesday, 7 November 2017

MPOV: Mandy's

My rating: 3/5
Location: LG28, Lower Ground Floor, The Summit USJ
Type: Halal

This cafe has been one of the longest operating in The Summit USJ. Finally trying it for the first time recently, it's a family oriented cafe with a wide menu of Western and local dishes.
Asam Prawn with rice RM10.50
I've ordered Asam Prawn with rice and mind you, it was truly spicy to the roof! I have not anticipated that as it's a westernised cafe! I could only taste the spiciness and nothing else. Hub's Lamb Chop was as traditional as it can be with the lamb's aroma so tempting! I did kinda regret not ordering from the western menu... next time perhaps.
Lamb Chop RM19.88
The quirky yet Texas-like decor, so typically country and family oriented. Only missing those horse shoes and cow-girls LOL!

Wall of fame!
Overall, the food was good, simple and straight-forward. Nothing fancy to cloud your taste-buds. I like the simplicity of it and them being able to sustain for so long is not an easy feat! Total bill was RM39.50 inclusive of GST, a glass of Ice Lemon Tea and a bottle of Mineral Water... not too pricey for such a simple meal in a mall.

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