Monday, 20 November 2017

Day 1: Macau

Alert: this is a photo-filled post!

I'm so grateful that sis has included me in her trip to Macau and Hong Kong with mom recently. It's a 4 days 3 nights trip where we spent 1 night in Macau  and 2 nights in Hong Kong. It's my first in this country hence the excitement! I've watched countless HK dramas so naturally I would have expected the same in reality LOL!

So I'll let the photos speak for themselves...
An early flight on a wet morning
My current read then with on flight meal

Such a beautiful weather greeted us in Hong Kong
As we have arrived in HKIA, we quickly took the train to meet my sis at the ferry terminal. Thank goodness we didn't have to exit the immigration! After buying the ferry tickets and settled our luggage transfer, we had a quick meal near the ferry check-in... some Japanese food which I couldn't remember...

Waiting to board the ferry
It's seamless and convenient to travel from HKIA to Macau, just a ferry away with everything handled by the ferry management. Once we have reached Macau, we just had to look for the correct free shuttle bus to our hotel.
Sheraton Hotel was breathtakingly beautiful!
After checking in and freshening ourselves up, we went to the adjoining malls for a walkabout. It's so convenient with one mall linking to another and also some hotels too! We don't have to worry about walking outside in the heat or rain! Also with the many clear signage's, we don't have to worry about getting lost.

A must try, Lord Stow's Portuguese Egg Tarts!
Freshly baked with fluffy buttered pastry and yummylicious egg filling at only MOP 10 (est RM5) each, it was definitely worth trying! I've only had one and now kinda regret not getting more then.

The famous Lord Stow's Portuguese Egg Tarts! Look at the queue!
From Venetian to Parisian Malls, ala Venice to Paris, the adjoining linked malls are huge and lengthy to walk! It's as though I've travelled from Venice to Paris but by walking instead of flying LOL! Intermittently joined by some casinos for sure...

So grande!
Ahem... we were in Paris! Cool right?!

Dinner with sis' friend and wife at Beijing Kitchen, Grand Hyatt

Drinking session before we hit the sack!
It was thoroughly a mesmerising day one in Macau. Though in the vicinity of Sheraton + Venetian + Parisian, I felt like I've seen the whole of new Macau... the City of Lights ala Las Vegas! Apparently Macau never sleeps as such all lighting's will be on throughout the night! Though crowded, it was still nice to walk around without much hindrance especially since it's cooling with fresh sea breeze. I've also felt safe walking around with the many policemen on duty. Truly a nice first day in Macau.

Next: day 2 - Macau + Hong Kong

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