Monday, 9 October 2017

I have decided not to renew my Popular card and here is the reason why...

After some long thoughts, I've decided to share an unfortunate incident that happened to me, costing me RM10 during the recent Popular Mega Bookfair at SPCC. Though RM10 is not a lot of money for some of you but it is for me... especially the way my incident was handled. This post will also be a reminder for me, not to waste that RM12 renewal fee in the future.

Here's what happened:
I was at the cashier when she asked for my Popular card. While I was searching for it, she was kind enough to check if my purchases warranted the card. If not then she'll just scanned my Sunway card. Yep, I have both Popular and Sunway cards upon which the kind cashier explained I could only used one and not the other i.e. I can't collect points via Sunway card if I had used the Popular card. So after checking via her POS, she said I could just used the Sunway card as nothing required my Popular card according to her POS. After paying, she had asked us to go to another counter to scan my Sunway card for points collection (I was like huh???) and to collect some vouchers.

While walking over, I was checking my receipt and then realised I was charged extra RM10 for this book:
Member price RM24.90 but RM34.90 in my receipt
I retreated back and wanted to ask the cashier but she was busy with another customer. There were 2 women beside her counter (whom I assumed were the PIC's as they were also in uniform with walkie talkie) approached me and I told them about this. Instead of helping me, after realising what has happened, they acted nonchalantly and told me that the Popular card was not scanned which was why the extra RM10. So I asked them how to go about it but they sort of dismissed me as a deranged, unfortunate customer and concluded our conversation. At this point, hubby was really annoyed too with their attitude and urged me to move on as they obviously don't care and didn't seemed to be bothered about it.

I was appalled by their behaviour! I may not be a huge spender buying in thousands but I still deserved to be served kindly! I lost RM10 just like that! Though I have gotten some RM30 vouchers (hubby comforted me... indirectly they have compensated me lah) but I didn't get to use it in the end! What with all their bull T&C's! So what's the point then??? Wasting more tree barks!!!
Expired and discarded without thanks!
I've only discovered after that I could have used my Popular card at the cashier (whether or not my purchases required it) and still redeemed the Sunway points at the point collection counter when I shared this incident with my book club members. Apparently, point collection was allowed regardless so I was the idiot lah... not cunning enough?!!! Or I shouldn't have listened to the cashier?!!!

Honestly Popular, next time if you want to do a bookfair at Sunway again, please ensure that the cashiers except only Popular card and customers with Sunway Pals be directed to the point collection counter after payment. Why the need to scan at the cashier when it will be scanned again at another counter??? Do not confuse either party with unnecessary rules or what nots! Also, please appoint a PIC with a good clear conscience who can make decisions and not disregard the customers! Lastly, if you want to reward your customers with vouchers, please reward with an open heart!!! So many vouchers with T&C's, in the end also pointless as all have been discarded! Many members from the book club also shared the same sentiment!

A recap just in case:
- cashier scan Popular card and customer collects Sunway points at collection counter - no need to double scan
- appoint PIC who can make decisions and not waived off customers
- reward vouchers with an open heart - if not, just save the papers and not reward at all!

Since my Popular card is underutilised, I have decided not to renew it anymore. Pointless since being a member yet not given the member price. Might as well be a non-member and I won't be ranting here now! Lesson learnt the hard way!!!

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