Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Bali: last day

Melancholy and sad to be leaving paradise so soon! Well, fret not as we will be back soon, when our budget permits! A walk along the shops, window-shopping before leaving and I chanced upon a bookstore! Sorted according to the various languages, I headed to the English section and found Salman Rushdie's The Satanic Verses!!! So tempted to buy it but alas... I didn't wanna risked it at the immigration. Sob sob!

Early brunch of sate kambing nearby the hotel for IDR 65,000.
It was next to the yummy sate babi which didn't opened after that first day!

Lepaking at Bemo Corner Coffee Shop as it was really hot!!! The drinks here are really thirst quenching good!!!
Luscious greens surrounding the coffee shop!

The friendly staffs!!!
Then it was time to depart and head to the airport, sigh! A late lunch at Warung Made while waiting for our flight back.
Nasi campur for IDR 205,000!!! So expensive but thankfully yummy!!!
Just sharing this... when you are in Bali, please remember to buy these Pie Susu!!! So so so yummylicious!!!
Overall, it was another memorable trip but just not enough time... not enough exploring... well, ain't it all the same for every travels. Next round, will definitely opt for a by the beach location i.e. Kuta or Legian vicinity.... more beach, less touring.

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