Thursday, 17 August 2017

Bali: day 4

This is the day we idled by the beach, enjoy the sea breeze and the sun burn. No kidding ya... even with the tons of sun block, it was not working at all. Walking along the beach with nothing planned, taking it easy... going to where we feel like going inpromptu.

Lunch was non other than babi guling!!! Finally found the one we had previously and liked! Unfortunately no photos here as we were too famished to snap!

After walking and scouting and touristing, we had dinner at Warung Norman. They served local food with a mixed of Aussie but we stick to local lah. Our total bill was IDR 180,000... not bad for the many variety and huge portion!

After a fulfilling dinner and a comfortable massage, we headed back to the hotel. Time to pack-up as we are leaving the next day... time sure flies when we were enjoying ourselves!

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